Our consultancy services offer additional capacity for when you’re fully stretched and need a hand. Plus expertise for when you don’t have the specialist knowledge you need.

Everything we do is practical and hands-on. We don’t simply tell you what to do; we also help you do it! We work with you every step of the way to make sure we’re meeting your needs and achieving the outcomes you want.

CML Consultants can support you with:

  • Bid Writing

    We can help you with your fundraising bids, from small-scale bids under £10K to large-scale bids of £300K+

  • Bid / Grant Application Review

    Reviewing your completed bids / grant applications and giving constructive feedback about how to improve them and improve your success rate.

  • Funding Strategy & Sourcing Funding

    Developing your funding strategy, and, if required, finding trust funders to match your priorities and projects. We can also help you to package up your work as projects to increase your appeal to funders

  • Business Planning & Development

    Developing and working through a business planning toolkit to ensure you have covered all aspects of development to help your organisation grow effectively and sustainably.

  • External Evaluation & Monitoring

    External evaluation and monitoring of your grant funded projects, giving you the information that you need to report back to your funders.

  • Business Brokerage

    Acting as a business broker to help you find and build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners.

If there’s something you need that we haven’t mentioned, just ask!

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