Firefighting your funding

Are you firefighting your funding?

Are you firefighting your funding?

One issue that crops up time and time again on my bid writing courses is that charities and other Not for Profit organisations are constantly fire-fighting in their quest to keep the funding come in.

‘Oh, there goes a pot of grant money… let’s grab it before it floats away!’

Then there’s the scrabbling around and everything else is dropped whilst you frantically try to meet the bid deadline in 2 days’ time! 2 weeks if you’re really lucky! This approach puts a lot of stress and strain on one or two members of staff and is less likely to be successful.

Bid writing should be part of your organisation’s strategic plan;
not a bolt on!

You should be clear what the core purpose of your organisation is and what your vision is for the future. You should have a strategic plan that shows how you are going to work towards that vision for the next two or three years. You can then package up the work into separate, time-bound projects. Each project should be planned in detail with clear outcomes. Then comes the search for funders who match the outcomes that you intend to achieve.

Finally, you are in the best position to put together your grant funding bids to maximise your success rates!! No more fire-fighting your grant funding!

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