People Development

Are you new to your role or have you been in your job a while and would welcome a refresher? Maybe you’d benefit from going on a training course or from some one-to- one coaching?

CML Consultants provide people development to cover the whole planning and funding cycle.

The focus is on grant funding (sometimes referred to as ‘trust funding’), although the same principles apply to tenders and corporate sponsorship, so you can apply your new found knowledge and skills to these areas too.

If there’s something you need that we haven’t mentioned, just ask!

The work that we do can help you move onto the next level:

  • In House Workshops

    We come to you, wherever you are!
    The advantages of an in-house workshop are that you and your staff save travel costs and time; flexible timings to suit you and tailored content to suit your needs. Find out more...

  • Coaching

    We coach and motivate you and your staff team to reach their individual potential and achieve organisational goals. Find out more...


Our workshops are practical and interactive. You will learn by doing. We make learning fun!

All our courses are available as in-house courses – where we come to you. Where we offer open-house courses, they will be advertised in our newsletter and on our News & Blog.

The aim of our tailored workshops is to support the business development and fundraising strategies of your organisation. Our range of workshops offer workshops may be offered as an essential part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

Our range of CPD workshops cover key elements of the planning and funding cycle. They are designed in pairs – however, each workshop can be taken as a stand-alone module, but it is recommended that delegates undertake both workshops so that the learning builds from one workshop to the next e.g. Project Planning (in advance) and Project Delivery (making it happen on the ground). This will ensure they have the full picture and gain maximum benefit.

All workshops will be practical and interactive – They don’t just tell you what you need to do – they also tell you how to do it. We provide a Toolkit that delegates will take away from each workshop, containing useful tools, templates and checklists that can be used immediately and in the future.

Our Current Workshops:


We coach and motivate you and your staff team to reach their individual potential and achieve your organisational goals.

Our approach is very hands-on. We don’t just tell you what to do; we also show you how to do it. We will work alongside an individual member of staff or a team to help you develop your skills and knowledge in a specific area of work.

We offer coaching in all the workshop topics listed above, that is, in all aspects of the planning and funding cycle. If you’re thinking of any other area of your work where you would like some support, please contact us for a chat.

Examples of coaching we have delivered:

  • Coaching an individual who had worked in a charity for a few years but had recently been given a new role of bid writing. CML Consultants worked with the client throughout the process of writing and submitting their first ever funding bid. This was as much about giving the client the confidence in their own abilities as giving them practical guidance about bid writing.
  • Working through a business planning template with the Chief Executive of a small charity to support the charity’s next period of significant growth. This ensured that all aspects of running a non-profit organisation were considered.
  • Developing and implementing a business planning toolkit, enabling local authority service areas to operate as financially viable traded services.
  • Coaching a small team of staff to take on the project planning and operational delivery of a two-week summer school for disengaged teenagers.
  • Supporting a recently appointed Business Development Manager of a medium sized charity to develop a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years, including identifying outcomes and key milestones.
  • Coaching individuals through the job application and interview process for a variety of roles, helping them to identify the knowledge, skills and experiences that they possessed but previously didn’t recognise in themselves.

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